Aesthetic Home


Art Inspired by Nature

I was immediately struck by Bonnie’s warmth and self-assurance when we met to talk about her work. Raised in a Scandinavian household where she was encouraged to stay busy and always do her best, Bonnie Swenson Folkerts has done just that with her life and career. Mom to two kids and grandma to 6 (with another on the way!) she stays busy with family and art.

Bonnie described times in her life she’s made leaps of faith, trusting that everything would work out. “When you find that kernel of truth that tells you where you need to be going next and you trust it, it works out,” said Bonnie. She took a leap when she left her job to paint full time, trusting that her art would speak to people and create a livelihood for herself.

Bonnie’s deep reverence for all nature is clear in her work, which she describes as art inspired by nature. Her pieces fit in beautifully at Aesthetic Home, where her whimsical bunnies and friendly moose find homes among the unique antiques and home décor.

When owner/operators Tom and Scott began dreaming of Aesthetic Home, they always sought to incorporate local art into the store. Bonnie was the first artist they approached and the partnership has blossomed into several more artists with featured pieces.

“I look at my art as an opportunity to use the gifts I’ve been given, hopefully to enrich the lives of the people who see it,” says Bonnie. I encourage you to see her work at Aesthetic Home and check out her website. Her eye for landscapes, animals, flowers and the natural world is unique and stunning and her paintings and prints would happily find a home with you.

Written by Lianna Cotant

Scott Griesbach