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Healing in Art - Christina's Story

When I sat down with Christina over coffee a few weeks ago, I was expecting to hear about how she went to art school, graduated and started painting. Instead, she bravely shared her story with me, one of medical diagnoses, symptoms that stumped doctors and, ultimately, finding healing in her art. Hearing her story made me fall in love with her lively florals and gorgeous abstracts even more and many of her pieces are available at Aesthetic Home, a space Christina loves to visit.

During her time at St. Olaf College, Christina studied biology and her artwork took a back seat to labs and studying. In her junior year, however, she was forced to take a leave from school after developing worrying symptoms like vertigo and dizziness. She was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia and IBS after graduating college, but then she started feeling sick again.

Christina spend hours in bed, too sick to do anything until one day, she sat up and decided: “I don’t care how bad I feel, I’m going to sit up in bed and paint. Ever since then I haven’t stopped painting.”

Christina started working with a new doctor who eventually helped alleviate her symptoms. She still gets tired easily, but, she says, “My painting has been my escape, my joy, my happiness, that’s why I paint happy and bright things that are inspiring.”

Christina aspires to make pieces that clients want to live with in their homes, pieces that will grow with families, that will spark happiness and that will bring a room together. All her pieces are varnished, meaning you can just wipe them off if they get dirty, and you can touch them too!

The best part about having her pieces at Aesthetic Home, according to Christina, is that the store is a house, so shoppers can imagine how a piece might fit in at their home. And, of course “Tom and Scott are so great!”

Just like the colors and textures in her pieces, Christina’s story is rich and unexpected. Her art truly is made for you and your home and I invite you to see it at Aesthetic Home today.

Written by Lianna Cotant

Scott Griesbach