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Making Concrete Cool

Meet Nate Sherrill, owner of local company Stone Tec and maker of the unique concrete flower pots and coasters you can find now at Aesthetic Home. Nate is a busy guy, but happily agreed to share why he’s so passionate about what he does and how he manages to own a business, do CrossFit, be a great dad to his toddler and still get out on bike rides in the summer with his family (hint: his wife is amazing!). Nate actually began Stone Tec making stone veneer as a side project, but customers quickly realized he was good with concrete and he began receiving orders for custom concrete counter tops.

Nate’s favorite projects are ones he can make from top to bottom – like a vanity where he creates the counter top, wood frame and metal elements. He loves working on local projects, but recently shipped some counter tops to California! Nate’s take on how his pieces work so well at Aesthetic Home? “My items fit well because they are unique, hand crafted, one-of-a-kind, and local,” he says.

You can find some of Stone Tec’s smaller products nestled in among the plants, furniture and coffee table books at Aesthetic Home. They’re hard to miss – unique patterns and earth tones set them apart – and it’s also hard to believe they are made of bits of concrete Nate might have otherwise thrown away. “I try to use leftover materials from other projects, so what used to go into the trash now gets turned into functional pieces,” says Nate.

Working with Aesthetic Home is a now a family affair, as you’ll likely run into Nate’s wife, Sam, if you pop into Aesthetic Home on the weekend.

I encourage you to stop in, check out Stone Tec’s pieces, as well as everything Aesthetic Home has to offer, and contact Nate if you’d like to talk about a custom concrete piece!

Written by Lianna Cotant

Scott Griesbach