Aesthetic Home


Vintage Mixed with Modern at Aesthetic Home

As I browsed unique pieces, from art to antiques to modern accents at Aesthetic Home, I couldn’t help but wonder why Tom and Scott, who own and operate the store, chose to mix old and new items together in the beautiful Selby home that houses the store.

The answer came from Tom, lover of vintage shopping, who has an eye for rare finds and can often be glimpsed browsing overcrowded antique stores and estate sales, looking for the perfect piece for a client or for Aesthetic Home. “We are all drawn to items we grew up with,” says Tom. “I love when someone comes in and finds a piece and says, ‘my grandma used to have this!’” We’re all drawn to nostalgic pieces that bring us back to our roots, that remind us of home, family and holidays together.

Tom scours endlessly for those perfect pieces, knowing most people don’t have the time to search themselves. He wants items in your home to come with a story, to evoke warmth and calm.

The best part about shopping at Aesthetic Home is you’re really shopping an extension of Tom and Scott’s own home, pieces they’ve loved from here and there. Their eye for pairing vintage and modern, antiques with new, allows shoppers to explore and be inspired.

Written by Lianna Cotant

Scott Griesbach