Aesthetic Home


The Heart of Aesthetic Home

Meet the hearts behind Aesthetic Home: Scott and Tom, along with their daughters Sarah and Kathryn. 

Tom and Scott have been dreaming of Aesthetic Home for years, but the dream became a reality only when they found 541 Selby and fell in love with the 121 year old house. They had been searching for a seamless mix of comfort, history and practicality and the beautiful Selby Ave home was perfect.

Tom and Scott met 11 years ago, and went on their first date the same day Scott adopted their sassy and lovable cock-a-poo, Maggie. They both come from interior design and furniture backgrounds. Tom was a second generation funeral home and furniture store owner for many years and Scott spent his career in student affairs where he built and redesigned several dorms, making them feel like home for the students who lived there.

Even though Aesthetic Home has been a dream for years, Tom and Scott admitted they actually should be in Mexico right now, enjoying their retirement. “We couldn’t take retirement, though,” admits Scott, “we got restless!”

In addition to Maggie, Tom and Scott have two daughters, Sarah and Kathryn, who both live in the Twin Cities. Sarah and Kathryn jokingly complain about their dads sneaking new, fun design pieces into their homes when they are away. “We love to transform spaces,” says Tom, “We’ve lived in three houses together and each one we’ve left more beautiful than when we moved in.”

Tom and Scott are the dynamic and passionate heart behind everything you’ll find at Aesthetic Home and we hope you’ll join us for our grand opening March 15 through 31, 2019.

Scott Griesbach